What does transcription cost? How quickly can I get it?

We charge per recorded minute, based on turnaround time.  Our basic rates are:

Regular transcription: $3 per minute for delivery in 3-5 business days
Rush transcription: $4 per minute for delivery in 24 hours
Same day transcription: $5 per minute, delivered by 7pm if ordered before noon, available for audio of 30 minutes or less.

The transcription service rate depends on several factors, and may go up based on the difficulty of the transcription task. The number of participants, complexity of the subject matter, audio quality, recording length, and any special requirements may all affect the final quote.

What about foreign language transcription and translation rates?

Our basic rates for foreign language transcription are:

  • Spanish: $3.50/min
  • Chinese: $3.50/min
  • German: $4.50/min

Some rates for transcription with translation:

  • Spanish to English: $5.50/min
  • Chinese to English: $6/min
  • German to English: $6.25/min

For all jobs the rush fee is an additional $1.25/min. Interested in other languages? Get in touch for a quote.

How can I reduce my costs?

Recording quality is important – read the section on making better recordings to find out how to improve your results. Turnaround time can also be a factor – the more notice we have of your project the better we can manage schedules and keep your costs low.

We offer special rates for ongoing transcription tasks and larger projects, so please let us know if you think your project might qualify.

How quickly can I get a quote?

Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm PST, Monday to Friday. If you contact us during that time we will respond within 30 minutes.

What format should I upload? How should I name the file?

We are happy to accept all common formats of audio or video for transcription.

When naming your file, please include your name or company name, and make sure to number multiple uploads.

How will my transcription look?

We can deliver your transcription as a pdf or a word document, or in any other document format you prefer. If you have special requirements, we’re happy to accommodate your needs – just let us know.

How can I make better recordings?

Check your levels: Do a quick test recording before you start and adjust the recording levels and the microphone position and distance until you can hear all of the important voices clearly and at a good (but not too loud!) volume.

Eliminate background noise: Silence any phones or other devices that might interrupt the audio; close doors and try to record in a controlled space if you can. Try to avoid situations where more than one person is speaking at a time. Watch for the unexpected culprits like jangling jewelry and noisy typing.

Consult an expert: If you’re doing more complex recordings, with several people in a focus group for example, it may be best to get a second opinion on things like microphone placement and soundproofing.

How can I make my information more secure?

We regularly employ a variety of measures to keep data secure.  These can include:

  • Secure FTP file upload – our file upload system is always secure, no matter your project
  • Optional file transfer via encrypted or secured USB flash drive and registered mail – The most secure way to transfer your data
  • Contained in-office transcription and review
  • Comprehensive NDAs signed by all staff
  • Project-specific NDAs as required