Most legal services come with a large amount of paperwork, not to mention research papers, general dictation, and recordings from meetings or hearings.  Timely, reliable transcription service is essential, and keeping up can be a challenge for a busy practice. We can transcribe phone recordings too!

With our years of experience working with professionals, Transcription Vancouver specializes in the transcription of legal audio files.  We provide a high quality online service that delivers accurate documents quickly, using innovative security features to guarantee the confidentiality of your files.  Read our privacy policy, or feel free to contact us for more information.

Examples of past work include:

  • Transcription of recorded phone conversations in Arabic, for a divorce case.
  • Phone conversation transcription for a court case involving businesses, in Spanish.
  • For the UN, transcription of court proceedings that were recorded by an interpreter.

Check our FAQ section for tips on recording for legal transcription, formats, rates and more.