If you’re saving time and paperwork by recording notes, comments or patient interviews, you’re probably thinking about transcription. Our team can help make the process easy.

Transcription Vancouver converts your audio notes into documents that can be submitted and shared according to your needs. Because of our long history of working with professionals in the medical field, we recognize the need to have transcriptionists trained in medical terminology to ensure 100% accuracy. We also have subscription rates for regularly scheduled transcription tasks – call or email us for a quote.

Medical documents and records are sensitive, and we take their handling seriously. For more information, please read our privacy statement, or contact us directly with any special requirements.

Some examples of our past work include:

  • Transcriptions of recorded operations and patient notes for doctors.
  • Transcription of 30 hours of interviews with HIV positive individuals, conducted so our client could better understand their situation and find out why they chose to opt out of taking HIV medication.
  • For the University of Toronto, translation and transcription of 32 hours interviews in Spanish and Tagalog. The interviews were conducted to learn about the perception immigrants have of medical services in Canada.
  • Mandarin translation and transcription of interviews with families who have children with severe diseases, for UBC Children’s Hospital. The research was done to find out if these individuals feel that they receive enough support from medical services.

Questions about suitable recording for medical transcription? Rates? Check our FAQ.